gold salts that have a high hardness

What Was In This Mysterious "Cure" For Alcoholism? Some scientists found traces of alcohol. Some found traces of coca extract. Others found strychnine, willow bark, ammonia, and aloe. Many did find traces of gold salts, but no one could explain why that should work, other than gold giving patients the impression that they were receiving an expensive and high-class treatment. Lead The heat of fusion is 6.26 cal/g. The electrical resistivity is 20.648 μΩ-cm (compare to copper, 1.683). The hardness of pure lead is 1.5 on the Mohs scale (between talc and gypsum: it can be scratched by the fingernail), and its tensile strength is only 2000 psi. The Young's modulus is 2.56 x 10 6 psi. Its crystalline form is face-centered cubic, . Gold This Page is Entirely Devoted to Gold, Not all gold deposits have been discovered, and many veins, which remain unexploited because technologies are insufficient or costs too high, certainly will be in a few decades, redrawing the map of the distribution of resources at as technologies evolve.    Read More

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