The United Nations believe that the world population will increase over the next decade by 33%. Due to a higher standard of living and the urbanization of several parts of the world (mainly China and India), the consumption of meat is expected to increase by 77%.  The current production systems may not be able to continue to respond to this growing demand for food, which leads to a need to find alternative and sustainable sources for proteins. Examples of such alternative protein sources are algae, cultured meat and insects. Of this list, insects are the only alternative that is, to the day of today, ready to be used.

Meatconsumpion +70Because of this growing demand for food products intended for human consumption, and more particularly for meat and fish, the current food production systems will come across very high tensions. Both the demand for vegetable materials intended for human consumption, as the demand for food proceeding from animals will increase. Therefore, one can expect price increases and speculation with regard to meat, fish and vegetable materials.

Why do we choose for insects?
Insects contain as much proteins as meat. They are also rich in vitamins B12 and B6, in iron, in calcium and in unsaturated fats (omega 3 & 6), which makes them very appropriate as sustainable and ecological alternatives to meat and fish. By offering products made from insects to the western market, BenSBugS wants to respond to the people’s need for sustainable, healthy and tasty alternatives to animal proteins.

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