Our idea

BenSBugS is a Belgian company that was founded on 4 December 2013 and which develops, produces and commercialises food products made of insects. Bart and Stefaan, the founders, are convinced that insects may become the fifth food category in the supermarket shelves, besides meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Insects do not belong to any of the existing categories. They would make the western diet more healthy and complete, and they would create a more sustainable food chain.


A first experience made by BenSBugS was that it is essential to have the products made from insects being tasted during open and social contexts, such as festivals and public events. It seems, indeed, that being giving the opportunity to taste food products made from insects reduces, and even eliminates, the apprehension and aversion people may initially feel. Scientific studies corroborate this experience and demonstrate that people, once they have tasted products made of insects, show a clear willingness towards further consumption. Tasting is therefore an essential component.

Our goal

The main purpose of BenSBugS is to start and accelerate the transition between “eating meat/fish/vegetables” towards “also eating insects“.  We want to achieve this goal by offering the consumer the possibility to eat/taste a flavourful product within a delicious dish.

Our strengths

  • All products from BenSBugS contain at least 30% of insects, so that they can truly be considered as products made from insects. This percentage varies among our competitors between 10 and 15%.
  • The insects that BenSBugS incorporates in its products are processed and are therefore not recognizable in the final product.
  • All BenSBugS’ products are easy to prepare and to combine with other ingredients. The products are not only of superior quality compared to the average, but they are also tasty, as well as accessible and affordable for many consumers. In doing so, BenSBugS aims to establish the standards for edible products made from insects.

 Our way of working 

The insects that we use in our products have been specifically bred for this purpose. BenSBugS works together with professional breeders who have years of experience in the breeding of edible insects. The meal worms are grown in plastic trays that are easy to clean. They receive daily, and in a very controlled way, their dry forage (bran).
When the meal worms are sufficiently developed, the breeder initiates a period of fasting in order to empty their intestine. The worms are thereafter sieved, blanched and frozen. The meal worms are finally converted, together with other ingredients, in delicious burgers ‘the Great Burgondy” and small wok dices “The Fabulous Wokkings”.

Since its creation, BenSBugS has proved being a reliable partner and professional during its numerous collaborations:

  • Collaborations with colleges and universities, in order to provide the groundwork for research into product-technical and market-technical elements
  • Collaborations with authorities (FASFC), in order to underpin as good as possible the insect sector, assuring safety for consumers and animals
  • Collaborations with breeders, producers, companies specialized in market studies and consultants, in order to produce (quality and tasty) products made from insects that are demanded by the consumer and position these products properly on the market
  • Collaborations with various stakeholders within the distribution channels, in order to bring the products made from insects to the consumers