The meal worms eat cereal-based products, which can also serve as food for humans. Is food made of insects therefore ecological sound? It is indeed true that the meal worms intended for human consumption are fed with cereal-based products. However, their food is a by-product of the classic milling, namely the most external part of the wheat grain (also called bran). The insects that a Read more >
Are these bio products? No. Bio certifications are not available for insects. As insects represent a large part of the ingredients of our preparation recipes, we cannot obtain a BIO label for our products. Read more >
Are these vegetarian products? No. Our products contain animal proteins. Except the proteins proceedings from the meal worms, our products contain also proteins from egg whites. Read more >
Why is it more healthy than meat? What are the benefits? Particularly all the essential amino acids (these are the amino acids that humans cannot produce themselves and which must therefore come from their diet), the omega 3 and 6 in good proportions, vitamins and minerals, as well as the low quantity of fat Read more >